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Very business oriented.

I never had to ask Adell for anything other than "Can we go see this one?" She was constantly sending me homes as well as recommendations!!! She even called with homes to see that weren't even on the market yet!! She was awesome in assisting me in finding my first home!!! She definately went above and beyond.

Sherri Penick

Adell helped me buy my 1st home in 2013.

Over the years she kept in touch so when I was ready to sell I naturally decided to give her a call. I hadn’t done any updates to my home and Adell suggested some minor repairs. I ended up painting, deep cleaning, and switching out some old fixtures. Long story short; we ended up with multiple offers and had a successful close. I would highly recommend Adell to anyone that wants to sell a home.

Rommel Rene

Adell is an all around wonderful person!

I contacted her for general information regarding purchasing a home and she took the time to listen to me and answer all my questions. She also helped us sell a home that was in probate, guided us through the process of 'estate sales' and provided us with many resources. Ms. Forbes is very patient, professional and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend her for buying or selling a home!!!

Patrice Guyton

Adell has helped me buy & sell several homes in Cobb County.

The most recent, I received over 40 offers in just 7 days. Initially I was a bit nervous about using the strategy that she suggested since it was lower than I really wanted..PLUS it's a sellers market & I knew that I could get more. I trusted her guidance since I had already worked with her twice in the past. SO GLAD I DID! Adell was able to sell my home quickly, and I walked away with more money than I expected. Would highly recommend Adell to anyone looking to sell a home or buy investment property!

Norman B

I met Adell through a mutual friend about a year ago.

Last December my lease was ending and I decided to buy a home instead of continuing to pay rent. Even though I had told Adell what I was looking for………I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live. Realizing this, Adell was patient and took the time to help me decide on the right neighborhood and home by asking me series of questions. Some of them in my mind had nothing to do with real estate, but she obviously knew what she was doing because she was able to guide me to the perfect home that suited my lifestyle.

Howard Wright

Adell is very pleasant to work with.

I had bought a home over 20 years ago but was not sure about the current process of buying or selling a home. Adell spoke with me over the phone on a Sunday, and I was surprised that she answered since it was the weekend. I thought that I would leave a message, but she took my call. I told her that I was trying to sell my current home and buy a new home and was unsure of the process. I also told her that I was worried about having to pay two mortgages if my house didn’t sell in time to buy the other one. She explained how she could help me, and we agreed to meet during the week to talk more about it in person. Once she got to my house, she walked around, asked me several questions and then she went over her strategy to help me sell my current home, and buy another home at the same time. We followed her suggestions and we were able to accomplish everything in less than 60 days. We were very pleased with her, and also recommended her to one of our neighbors that wanted to downsize and buy a smaller home.

Jozan Powell

Adell has helped me buy investment properties in the Atlanta area in an area that was 'up & coming' a few years ago.

We discussed reasons to invest in that particular neighborhood, exit strategies, and why the numbers made sense. After renting 1 of the properties for a few years I decided to sell and 'netted' a very healthy profit. I also; use 1 as an AirBNB. I would highly recommend Adell to anyone interested in investing in real estate.

M Lambert

I really enjoyed working with Miss Adell Forbes .

Her knowledge and commitment to the housing market in the atlanta and surrounding areas is outstanding. I recommend her to all my friends and family .

Keith Jackson

We met Adell a few years ago while we were looking at new construction homes for sale in Powder Springs.

While in conversation with her, I realized how knowledgeable she seemed about the real estate market, and that was when she shared with me that she was a REALTOR. I told her about my home in Silver Ridge that I wanted to sell, we exchanged information and I contacted her back in April letting her know that we were ready to list. Adell was very communicative throughout the process. She provided information on the market as well as advice for preparing the house for sale. Once we listed we had a lot of showings and interest in the property. After getting 2 contracts, that didn’t go through. Although we were disappointed we trusted Adell’s guidance and received another contract and closed virtually in July. I would refer Adell to anyone that’s interested in selling or buying. She is professional, and always kept us updated about what was going on.

Gwen Price

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